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2007-12-02 12:57:47 by P-Bot

This new userpage system is ill-matic! I've always wanted a little place of my own to occasionally drop some thoughts, and now I have one! Rock!

Most of you know me already, but for those who don't - I'm P-Bot! I've been in charge of the Flash Portal here on Newgrounds since...well...since we coined the name and invented the system almost a decade ago! Toot-toot! Anywho, it's my job to ensure that your browsing experience remains as pleasurable as possible, and to make sure the best submissions and authors get the exposure they deserve! It's a pretty demanding job, but I love it!

Speaking of which, I gotta jet! Busy bees get all the honey, (and hopefully some Queen action)! I'll post some more stuff later on. Until next time, keep flashin'!

Boop to the beep,

- P to the Bot

By the way, you've probably noticed that G-Bot's been wheelin' around all moody and sad lately...the machines that fabricated him recently broke down, and it's hit him pretty hard. SOOO, lets all try to go easy on him for a while, or at least until he's successfully bottled it all up and buried it deep down inside.